Hello – happy day :)

Hello people. Today I am much better and i feel great! It must be because I had my bath this morning that made me feel nice and fresh… it’s better than being stuck in bed all day :) I feel so much better than I have done today. I’m sitting up in the chair stretching and i’m generally just – good. :) Today they start weening me down on my steroids before they start the cyclosporin tablets on Monday but Auntie Pat spoke to Myles, my consultant and he says i’ll be home before the weekend! Woo hoo. And my birthday is creeping closer… i want to be home for that! I just feel so good today. Yesterday all I could do was sleep, plus a dose of piriton to make sure i didnt get itchy when having antibiotics knocked me out pretty well. Ashame the pump couldn’t stop beeping and 1am this morning… it drives us crazy! All night long – beep, beep, beep… So home looks like a next stop destination sooner rather than later. I just need to stay well. I need to tell you about the student doctors yesterday – pre exam prep… I was the model. The first one walked in and she was brilliant, asked me some questions and told the doctor everything that was wrong with me after looking in both eyes and a quick examination… it was like she’d read my notes before she walked in the room. What can I say about the second one?! He was pooing himsef when he walked in and he asked me… “Can we do the examination sitting in a chair?” No, not really… i’m quite comfortable in bed. Then he did loads of useless bleh and wanted some cotton buds? Don’t ask why… his answer to the question “Did you find any abnormal findings on Elliot?” basically was No… and the third one just wanted a staring competiton in to my eye I think… some people are so odd! :) Speak to you all soon :) xxxx


  1. Lol, well made me laugh about the student doctors. Who won the staring competition?
    Glad you are feeling good.
    Big hugs from me and Lady xxxxxx

  2. Dave Beer

    Great to here you are home. Only trouble is we will have to put up with your Dad at work more !!

    Dad tells me that you are hopping mad with him because of your big floppy ears and buck teeth. Not to worry you are still better looking then him!

    Look after yourself and get well soon from all of us at Underwoods Peugeot.

  3. Hello mate – glad to hear you are feeling a bit better – and coming home soon – hope you are keeping up with your school work as well as twittering all day –
    all the best and keep getting better

  4. Connor Oldrey

    hi ell its connor we r all missin u and i hope u r fine because we haven’t seen u 4 ages

  5. Ben Plummer

    hope youre feeling ok its ben plummer from 7rf. we all wish you a very happy birthday and get all the presents you were hoping for. I hoped you liked your top gear dvd. Hope to see you soon

    From ben

  6. Matt Matthias

    yo happy birthday m8

    we miss u

    from all of 7rf

  7. @Jo: Yes Jo. Tbh that was quite funny.:) I think I won the staring competition x) xxxx 😀

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