Where do I start?

I have no idea what to write today. Like I said in my short post yesterday, I came out of hospital. I was in for 8 days – not too bad. This time around I made some great friends and we had a good laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine 😀

I was back in because my CMV virus came back. They didn’t use the same treatment as before because it made me more ill.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my ward is a Teenage Cancer Trust ward. My friend, Pip, who I lost contact with for a few years, is raising money for them by giving up chocolate and sweets until Christmas Eve. She has a target of £200 but she is hoping to raise as much as she can! Why don’t you sponsor her? Every penny counts, plus it’s a good cause!


  1. I really hope you get well soon :) I’m sure you’ll be all good evenually!

    If I had money to spare I would totally sponsor her, but I’m currently pretty skint D:

  2. I’m sorry you had to go into hospital again, I know you really hate it! :( I’m glad you made some great friends this time though!

    If I had the money, I would sponsor her but I’m poor at the moment. I think it’s great what she’s doing though!

    Good luck with the contest! :)

  3. Really pleased to have you home, missed you loads :y:

    Pip is doing a really good thing and good luck with the competition hehe

  4. I love you Elliot, and am so proud of you. Your the best! Make sure you stay out of hospital this time! X

  5. Elliot. You smell, like beans.

  6. Ah, you had to go in again?
    Sounds like you had a better time than before though, so that’s all good :)

    That’s really sweet of Pip to do that, I hope she raises enough money. I have zilch money to sponsor her (sorry) but I hope others will <3

    Good luck with the contest, loosah.

  7. yay sounds like u had fun in hospital ROFL
    sorry i cant sponser but i hope other people can! (Y)

    good luck! :)

  8. elliaaaaaaa

    HAHA :9 x_x hehe ROFL :woo: iloveeyouu <3 (cool beans)

  9. Eight days in a hospital isn’t bad?! Haha I would hate to stay in a hospital that long; I don’t like the food all too much. Don’t know why you were originally there, but hope you’re feeling better!

    I would love to help but sadly, I don’t have that many funds at the moment. :(

    I believe this is the eight comment, so you’ve already won? 😛

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