You’re ignorant

I have just got back from my usual Monday appointment in London. The car came to pick us up just after 8am and we got there at 10, which is quite good.

I had to go for a blood test before I went to see the doctor and the results of that were good. My platelets are just over 180 and last week they were 170, so I am going up about 10 a week, which is brilliant considering I only had 1 when I was diagnosed 18 months ago! hehe

On our way to the other building where the appointment was, we went to hand in my prescription. The lady said the waiting time was 45 minutes so we said we would come and collect the medicines after we’d been to the other building. We came back after about that time and we knew my prescription was ready because we were number 777 in the queue and the screen said 785 or something. When we went to the desk there was a lady standing before us and she was very rude to the staff. Basically, it had just gone over 45 minutes and she was saying, “Oh – you said it would be ready in 45 minutes and I’ve been waiting here for ages! How much longer will it be?!” and just generally being rude to the woman serving her. The whole waiting area could hear her! I don’t suppose she thought for one minute about everyone else that was waiting. I mean, there must of been at least 20 people there!

To cut a long story short, they gave me the wrong tablets (the massive ones that no one could ever swallow) so we had to wait another 45 minutes! :no:

I had to go for my Pentamidine Nebulizer while we wated. What it basically is, is a drug that you have to inhale that makes sure you dont get and bugs or viruses in your lungs. You have to be in a room by yourself (or sometimes another person is having the drug in there) as the nurses aren’t allowed to be near the drug as it can harm women or something like that. I don’t know, ask a doctor. It’s in 2 parts, you have this other drug to open your lungs which takes about 5 minutes and then the Pentamidine which takes half an hour. It tastes a bit funny but it’s not so bad, plus I only have to have it once a month.

I booked my transport for next week while I was waiting to go home and it is actually the most annoying thing getting the man on the end of the phone to sort it out. I said, “Hello, can I book some transport for Monday please?” so he asked me for my hospital number and then he asked me what day I wanted to go to the hospital. Didn’t you hear me the first time?! Near the end of the conversation he asked who he was speaking to so I obviously said, “Elliot Deady” and he was like, “Yes I know that but who I am speaking to?!” so I said again. After about 3 attempts he realised it was me on the end of the phone and not my dad or someone phoning for me.

Oh, and I bought some new Vans on eBay. They were £20 and for the Teenage Cancer Trust. (Y)


  1. Oh dear. How can they not check before giving you the tablets? = I am asthmatic and one time the nurse gave me the wrong inhaler (a smaller dosage). I told her I don’t think that’s my dosage, she kept insisting and she was being rude. I was like forget it. I knocked on the doc’s room door to check with him myself. He told the nurse off and gave me the right one. Some people aren’t fit to work in the medical sector.

    The guy on the phone for your transportation must have an alien messing his brain or something lol

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