Back in the zone

I really don’t like the winter. It sucks. I hate the weather (not that the weather in this country is ever nice – even in the summer!) and it just makes me feel so unmotivated.

Since Christmas I’ve been the worst runner. My new years resolution (to run 4 times a week) had flown out of the window by mid-January but of course I managed to find my excuses.

My friend Megan and I have both signed up to run the Bupa London 10,000 in May and although our 8 week training plan doesn’t start until the end of March, we’ve decided that from now we’re going to go for long runs together every Sunday and last night was our first long run together. Let’s hope we stick to it!

Obviously we took loads of pictures of ourselves!

Usain and Mo?

We were only planning on running about 5k but we ended up doing 8 which was nice! I was surprised because the first time I went running with Meg about a year ago I had to stop at the end of the road. I was so unfit! I really enjoy running with someone else so all in all I really enjoyed our first Sunday night run! Meg prefers to run with music so I took my Yurbuds so I had something to listen to but I forgot to charge my phone and it ended up running out of battery after 3km… just my luck!

Compulsory Instagram pic

On Thursday I’m joining my local running club which is exciting!

I will make sure I update my blog to let everyone know how my training is going. The blog has been a little neglected recently!

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