The blog is back! Life Update

I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since I last updated my blog!

Last night I watched an amazing TV film on BBC one called The C-Word which was based on the life of Lisa Lynch – an amazing lady who blogged her way through a cancer diagnosis. I won’t spoil it for those of you that haven’t watched it (if you haven’t, make sure you do. Amazing, inspiring and emotional.) – but I found most of it totally relatable. Watching the film reminded me about how I first started this blog and prompted me to read through my older blog posts.

My blog first started back in 2009, a month after I was diagnosed with very severe aplastic anaemia. I used it as a way to keep my friends and family up to date with my progress while I was in hospital receiving treatment.

More recently, I’ve used the blog to write about my new found hobby, running, and for the occasional reflection on how life used to be.

A lot has happened in my life since my last update. I found myself a full time job which I completely love. I celebrated my one year work anniversary last week!

I did finish the Bupa London 10,000 which I’d been blogging about through my training. My time was 1 hour 7 minutes so a nice PB!

That was the last race that I ran. I had planned to run more last year/early this year – but lost a lot of motivation and for some reason couldn’t commit to a training schedule.

It seems that I have turned a corner recently though. I spectated at the London Marathon again this year and felt totally inspired (I’m sure I said this last year too!)

So inspired that I came home from London on the Sunday night and by Tuesday morning had secured myself a 2016 London Marathon charity place! I am very excited to be running for Starlight Children’s Foundation who are a charity that supported me through my illness.

All is well with my health too. At my last appointment with my consultant about six months ago I was told that for the first time in over five years all of my blood levels were at the level of a healthy adult. Woohoo!

I have been visiting my local hospital every fortnight to have treatment for iron overload which is something that has been caused by the high amount of blood transfusions I received while I was unwell. It’s an annoyance that I still have to go to the hospital regularly but the treatment is simple enough and I am always in and out within about an hour so it could be a lot worse.

Over the last few weeks I have really picked up my training. Up until now, I was just running very randomly – when I felt like it (short version: never). But since getting offered my marathon place I have been giving it my all and am getting used to the early starts so I can fit in a training session before work!

I am so pleased to be back in the blogging world and am looking forward to sharing the next chapter of my life with you all as I prepare to run the London Marathon.

London Marathon fundraising page

2013 reflections

I cannot believe that 2013 is coming to a close already! It feels like it was just yesterday I was welcoming in this year – but as they say… time flies when you’re having fun!

This year has been so good to me. I’ve done so many amazing things and I feel amazing for it! It was the three year anniversary of my bone marrow transplant this July and it feels so crazy to think that I’ve done things that were completely unimaginable just a few years ago.

This post was inspired by Facebook’s new Year in Review feature which lets you see your 20 biggest moments from the last 12 months and I really enjoyed looking back at everything that I’ve done.

Without further ado let’s have a look at my five favourite memories from 2013:

1. Beating aplastic anaemia

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know about my four year struggle with a rare blood disorder called aplastic anaemia which I fortunately got the all clear from this February! I posted a YouTube video about it at the time and I still get a bit emotional watching it back now!

2. Running the British 10k

To celebrate getting the all clear, myself and my friend Anna decided to run the British 10k London Run on the weekend of the anniversary of my bone marrow transplant to raise money for the amazing Teens Unite! I’m so proud of this achievement because when I was having my treatment I could barely walk to the end of the road without getting out of breath. It was an absolutely fantastic experience and the best thing is that we raised over £1700 for Teens Unite!

3. The Purple Tie Dinner and Dance

Another Teens Unite fundraising event – one of most incredible evenings of my life! Over the summer I worked with a group of other young people supported by Teens Unite to organise the amazing Purple Tie evening at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. I got the opportunity to share my story with the guests which I loved! I was so proud to be part of this amazing event which raised nearly £9000!



4. Leaving school

Having aplastic anaemia and being constantly in and out of hospital meant that I missed most of the first three years of secondary school and for a long time I felt like I wasn’t going to ever go back. Fortunately, I managed to get back to school to do my GCSEs and I got a good set of results which I’m really proud of. I do kind of miss it though!

First day, 2008 and last day, 2013
School prom

5. Enjoying life

It’s impossible for me to summarise my year in just five points so this one broadly covers all of the fun and amazing things I’ve done this year from going to V Festival to meeting the X Factor judges and even just all of the fun things I’ve got up to with my friends – like onesie dog walking (you should try it!)







I’ve loved every minute of this year and can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for me. I’m looking forward to running more races, fundraising for even more great charities and of course working really hard on this blog!

What is your favourite memory of 2013? Leave a comment!

Day 3

It’s Tuesday and I’m not at school because I don’t feel 100% but never mind.

I really hope we get around to posting my application for Starlight soon. I still have no idea what I’m going to wish for. I’ve had a few ideas. Universal Studios, Disney World and then the one I most wanted was to go to VidCon in America so I could meet iJustine, but i’ll be in London having my transplant, so that’s my dream of going to VidCon down the drain. Maybe I could ask to go next year or just to meet Justine (and her sister Jenna. Oh, and Bre!)

It’s my birthday next week, yay! I’ve got so much planned for next week.

Monday: UCLH/Dental Hospital
Tuesday + Wednesday: School
Thursday: Birthday – going to London for the day with Jo!
Friday: Staying at Jo’s
Saturday: Thorpe Park with school 😀
Sunday: Auntie Linda’s

Woah, I’m a busy bee! 😛

Day 3

Wow! How amazing has today been?

I saw Avatar today!! My Dad woke me up whenever and told me he was off to work for an hour and that I had to get ready and stuff so I slept in for a bit then got up. I watched last week’s Gadget Show and then got ready. Dad cleaned the house and washed up.

We left at half 11 and went round my dad’s friends house to pick him and my friend up. We got to the cinema at about 12 which was good because then we could choose a good seat. We sat quite near the front with lots of leg room.

The film started at 12:30 and I loved it so much! I really want to go and see it again.

After the film (it finished at 4-ish) we went and ate at Frankie & Benny’s. I had Chicken Strips then a Chicken Pizza. Don’t forget the Brownies and Ice Cream! 😛

Then we dropped our friends back and came back home :) Today has been brilliant. Oh, and I like popcorn. Lmao.

Day 2

I’m sitting on my bed at the moment.

I was at my mums all day and my dad came and picked me up at about half 4. He’d had a phone call from the hospital saying that I had to go up for platelets :( They were only at 12!! (my cut-off point is 8 but they don’t last that long in the blood, anyway) At least I’m all topped up now ready to go and see Avatar tomorrow 😀

It sounds like a really good film from what I’ve heard. I’ll make sure I take some pictures tomorrow and put them on here.

I got this new notebook a while ago now and haven’t had any use for it. But I’m gunna use it to write blogs and my thoughts in :)

I’ve just got to take some medicine then I can go to bed. I’ll go and do that now.

I’ve taken my medicine so I guess I’ll go to bed now. I’m really quite tired to be honest. Been quite a busy day. Need to get in a good sleep for tomorrow! 😀 Night night :)

Snow + Elliot = GOOD TIMES!

Heeey! Today is day 2 off of school because of the Snow! Yesterday I was meant to be going to Addenbrookes with my dad and Auntie Pat. Dad woke up at 7 and there was basically no snow but he rang Auntie Pat (who lives about an hour away) and she had like 2 inches of snow and by 9 it was covered! So we rang the hosptial and now i’ll go next week to get my results. Yesterday was pretty much a boring day, me and dad just stayed in. We I was meant to take the christmas tree and decorations down, but I didn’t, do it later tomorrow. Bad luck I guess.

Today I woke up to probably the most snow i’d ever seen in my life. Yesterday we’d planned that if school was off I could go round George’s and you’ll never guess what… SCHOOL WAS OFF! 😀 As soon as I got there we went out side and started having a snowball fight xD It was quite good fun. Then we went to the back garden and started to make a snowman, but… yunoo, it failed D:

When we got in I was practically soaking wet so I had to change 😛 We just got home and had dinner (curried mince beef) omnomnom…

Bye for now

New Year – good for me!

Hi! Happy New Year! Hope you all had a really great christmas and that New Year was amazing! On Christmas Day I was with my mum. We went out for lunch (and tbh, it was gorgeous XD). My Grandma came along too. I got some amazing christmas presents this year.

TV – A nice little small telly that sits on top of my chest of drawers
Acer 11″ Netbook – My lovely new laptop
Lots of Top Gear Stuff – Annual, pen, shower gel, etc.
A few pairs of socks – Spots, stripes, simpsons
LOTS of chocolate – Omnomnom
Rock Band 2 (PS3) – I love the original Rock Band that I got last year, so I asked for number 2
Money – I bought a Wii 😀
And more…

On Wednesday, me and my dad went to PC World and got my Wii. I got Wii Sports Resort (<3), Wii Sports, Big Beach Games [?] and Fifa 10. I love it :)

I was going to see the new year in with my mum but I decided that I’d come home with my dad (because I knew mum’d fall asleep!) We went up to the pub and loads of people were there, we played games when we were there, Hoy (which is like bingo but with playing cards, if you haven’t heard of it XD) and Camel Racing. Dad put a bet on a camel thingy and won something like £40. We stayed there until like 00:30 and got a free cab home 😀

New Years Day its self was a bit boring, we just stayed in and had a lazy day, didn’t do anything. In the evening me and my dad played on Wii Sports Resort 😀 Yesterday morning I went round my mums and stayed for the night and have just got back home. I didn’t really do much there, we just relaxed.

Bye for now.


What did you get for christmas?

[edit] ~whoops. i forgot to talk about boxing day. lmao. Well, I went to my sister, Jo’s. She cooked a lovely roast dinner, it was beef! Yum! Her (and her boyfriend + dog) got me a mobile broadband dongle and socks. Oh, and I haven’t been to the hospital for a while, either, in case you were wondering, but i’m having a blood test tomorrow. :)[/edit]

Back to School

Hey guys! I was going to write this an hour ago, but I kinda forgot! 😆

So, I had school today (yes, school.) I had Maths :evil:, English :evil:, French (was ok cos we did no work, just watch ‘extra’ – shame it was in french tho.), ICT 😀 and History :eek:. Was nice to “have some different scenery” as Stef and Judie (the teachers at the hospital) would say 😛

At lunch, Alice the nurse came because she had to give me my last dose of this antibiotic. Brilliant! Some more good news is that the doctors at Addenbrooke’s have said that my blood transfusion limit can be cut back down from 10 to 8, which means I can wait longer without having blood transfusions! 😀 😀 😀

Alice should’ve been at my house ages ago because she needs to do my iron injection thingy. She was meant to be here at 4! :O I got 2 pieces of homework today. Can’t remember what they were, shows how much I listen in class! 😆 Meh. I’ll look later. :)

Anyway, I’ll blog again tomorrow! 😀

How ive been

Hello everyone. I’ve been great and I’m doing really well. Yesterday was my birthday and I had to get up early to go up to Addenbrooke’s to see my consultant and have a blood test. We thought we’d be up there for at least a few hours and maybe have blood or platelets but we were in and out in 1 hour. We couldn’t believe it! Then we drove to auntie pats and went out for a lovely lunch at the harvester. Jo came with us. It was so tasty.

For my birthday I got an iPod touch from dad and around £160 and counting, a Ben Sherman bag and watch and pens from mum & grandmawhich is lovely and a load of other stuff… My birthday was brilliant! See ya x x x x