Bupa London 10,000 – 5 weeks to go

I’ve had quite a hectic week and haven’t been able to stick to my training plan fully. This week I opted for a quality over quantity approach so I feel like my training hasn’t suffered too much. I would usually try and fit in four runs every week but this week I only managed two – never mind!

So, without further ado… my week in running…

I usually like to go for my long slow run on a Sunday night. Last Sunday I was in London spectating at the marathon and when I got home at about 9.30pm the last thing I wanted to do was go for a run so instead I went on Monday night.

Me and my friend Megan, who is running the Bupa 10k with me, tend to meet up once a week to go for a run together and Monday was the day that we ran together this week. We live on opposite sides of our town so we like to start our run at each others homes on alternate weeks so that we can run different routes. I like doing this because it stops running from becoming monotonous! I also like running with a friend – I just find it makes it so much easier. Me and Meg love to have a good chat as we run.

This week we met up at Meg’s house so she decided on the route. We took a slightly multi terrain route with lots of hills which would usually be my worst nightmare but I actually really enjoyed it. I’ve been incorporating a lot more hills in to my training so this run was a breeze!

There was a slight discrepancy between my iPhone, which said we ran 4.4 miles, and Meg’s iPhone which said we ran 4.5 miles – not a big difference but I love looking over the stats after I go for a run so I just want to know which is most accurate! Nevertheless, we covered somewhere around that distance in 53:20 with an average pace of 12:08 minute miles. I was hoping for an average pace closer to 11 minute miles but factoring in the unexpected hills, I’m happy with that pace!

I went for another run during the week but I can’t tell you anything about it because I didn’t track the stats at all. The only way I can track my runs is through my iPhone but I really don’t like to have it with me when I’m running because I feel like it’s another thing I have to worry about – so I decided to not take it. Maybe I should invest in a Garmin watch?

One thing I can tell you is that I felt strong at the end of the run which can only be a good thing! It was nice to fit a quick run in to an otherwise hectic week.

Another week down, five more to go!

Bupa London 10,000 – 6 weeks to go

The clock is ticking and my first race of 2014, the Bupa London 10,000, is approaching quickly.

When I ran my the British 10k last July my training was so sporadic and instead of following a structured training plan I just ran as far as I wanted as often as I wanted (not very often according to my RunKeeper history!). That approach clearly didn’t work for me as looking back at my RunKeeper history the furthest I’d ran before the race was 5k – no wonder I was so unprepared come race day!

At the end of the British 10k 2013 after less than adequate training

This year I’ve opted for a very different approach and have decided to follow a training plan which I started last Sunday.

I spent a lot of time researching different training plans and I decided to base my own training plan on Hal Higdon’s training plans which a lot of people seem to love. I’ve made a few adjustments to his Novice 10k training plan, for example I’m running four times a week as opposed to three and my I’ve started my long runs on Sundays at an increased distance to ensure that I’ve ran further than the 10k distance before the Bupa 10,000. The longest run on the training plan is only 5.5 miles so I’ve adapted it so that my longest run before the race is 7 miles.

I’ve decided that I’m going to do a weekly training update on my blog so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Before I finish this post I just want to wish everyone running the London Marathon tomorrow the best of luck – you’re all amazing! I’ll be there cheering you all on!