Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

So here we are. After neglecting all previous blogs I’ve owned I’ve decided to open a new one! I have told myself I must update this at least twice a week. I’ll like to see how long that will last 😛

I’ve been in hospital for 7 (or is it 8?) weeks now and I’m really getting bored. But thats all about to change! The thing that was keeping me in was a virus called CMV. It’s nothing to worry about, you’ve probably had it! In fact around 70% of the UK population have had it. It’s just like a cough or cold and you dont even notice. But anyway, I got it because when they were choosing a bone marrow donor they wanted a donor who had already had the virus (because I had) as they had the cells to fight it but because my immune system wasn’t strong enough it couldn’t fight it when the levels were coming up. I had to have treatment for it for almost 3 weeks and we thought it wasn’t working but it turns out my level today came back as negative! That means I can go home tomorrow. Yippee!

I’m really pleased! I just want my bed and my TV. Plus, while I’ve been in here my room has been decorated so I’m looking forward to that! 😀

Day 3

It’s Tuesday and I’m not at school because I don’t feel 100% but never mind.

I really hope we get around to posting my application for Starlight soon. I still have no idea what I’m going to wish for. I’ve had a few ideas. Universal Studios, Disney World and then the one I most wanted was to go to VidCon in America so I could meet iJustine, but i’ll be in London having my transplant, so that’s my dream of going to VidCon down the drain. Maybe I could ask to go next year or just to meet Justine (and her sister Jenna. Oh, and Bre!)

It’s my birthday next week, yay! I’ve got so much planned for next week.

Monday: UCLH/Dental Hospital
Tuesday + Wednesday: School
Thursday: Birthday – going to London for the day with Jo!
Friday: Staying at Jo’s
Saturday: Thorpe Park with school 😀
Sunday: Auntie Linda’s

Woah, I’m a busy bee! 😛

Day 2

Today I went to school. It was alright, nothing special. When I got up this morning I told Dad that I thought I needed platelets as I had one of those disgusting ‘I need platelets’ rashes (well it was all over my skin but yeah). So Dad rung the community nurse and Dawn came out after break to take my blood. I went to this hospital at the end of school and had some platelets, so I should be clear for the rest of the week.

I still haven’t even bothered reading those letters, and I doubt I ever will! But I did get confirmation of my appointment on the 21st in the post :)

Day 1

Me & Dad just came home from Sainsbury’s. When I got home, sitting on the sofa for me was a 50-60 page letter from UCLH. The first page has a list of appointment dates. Let’s have a look!

On the 21st, I have an Outpatients clinic appointment with Dr Hough, it says ‘to consent for the transplant’, but I think thats our big transplant meeting – we’ll see. Also on that day, I have to go to the Eastman Dental Hospital for a dental check-up. Oh god. I’ve not been to the dentist for years!! Next on the list is my admission to Ward T12 North on the 4th July. 2pm. That will be the start of getting better. ‘Admission to T12N to start chemotherapy.’ is what it says.

On the next page it says all the scans that I will be having at Addenbrooke’s on Thursday. A ‘muga scan’ (haha, mugger)

This scan looks at heart function

And a GRF, whatever that is, to look at my kidney function.

The next page is a fancy timetable of my treatments. All the usual stuff to start with.

Name Elliot Deady
Date of Birth 24/06/97
Hospital No. 40493008

…and then some stuff like full medicine names. Countdown of my chemo days followed by ‘THURSDAY 15/07/10 INFUSION OF CELLS‘. The 15th. BMT Day!

Oh and look at this lovely booklet. ‘What can I eat when I am Neutropenic?’. I remember at Addenbrooke’s when I was having ATG and I asked for a burger (Mick wasn’t there that day) and the kitchen said I couldn’t have a burger bun because of infection – so they bought me up a packet full of Kingsmill rolls, but they weren’t allowed to take the rest back so I was stuck with them. And the time when Dad bought me a Burger King and the Dietician came round and told me I couldn’t have the free Burger King on Saturdays, while I was stuffing my face with a cheeseburger (haha!)

I’m not going to bother reading the food leaflet seeing as I had one from Addenbrooke’s last year.

Then theres like a full guide to a BMT. Can’t be arsed reading it, too many long words, they can talk to me about it on the 21st!

Good Morning

I am awake! I just got up. Had a lie-in for once lol.

You may be thinking… ‘why aren’t you at school Elliot?’ Well. I wasn’t there yesterday ‘cos I just felt uuuugh and today I’m not there because – I just am. :p

Got some news aswell. So my dad rung UCLH and they said they had found 6 positive matches for my transplant but when he rang back they said that only one had come forward to donate. So if they are a 100% match I could possibly be going up to London in a few weeks. Fingers crossed!!

I’m still reeeaaallllyyy tired and need more sleep but I’ll stay up. Have a good day.

One year on…

…and still going! I’d like to thank the amazing Jess for the inspiration for this blog. We were both diagnosed in April last year and have been good friends since. :) Below you are going to see my whole story, from the day I was diagnosed up to today. I recommend getting comfy, it’ll be pretty long!

Just over a year ago, on the 27th March, it was thought I had Leukaemia. 2 weeks later I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia. So much has happened to me in the past 15 months. I’ve had infection after infection, MRSA, been on steroids and to be honest have been through a lot more than any other person would experience in their life. When I got to Addenbrooke’s last year, my whole life changed before my eyes. I walked onto that ward seeing children with no hair, drips, nurses, doctors. I didn’t know what to think. I was just thinking about life in a whole new way. The next day, when I had my mum, dad, aunts, uncles, sister, brothers and all the rest of the family with me and the doctor, Amos, said the word ‘cancer’, it all came to life.

I’m back!

Hello! I’ve kinda been slacking from blogging lately *facepalm*

I’m going to try and blog every day from now on, hehe. I have the day off school today because I don’t feel too good :( I was a bit light headed when I woke up and had a sore leg. And a headache! Not much 😛

Nurse Alice came round earlier to check my bloods. I think I need a transfusion, to be honest. I’m going to see Doctor Tillett in clinic later. I’ll let you know how I get on! Oh, and I did a warm-up video blog, seeing as I’m going to be doing them when I’m at London. (but you can’t see it) :)


So, what’s new? It’s Easter! You know what that means – no school for 2 weeks! Mhmm, what will I get up to?!

-Tomorrow I’m going out to town with *insert names here* xD
-Next Thursday,  myself and my dad are going to Gadget Show Live
– 927258928528598 visits to the hospital.

This Monday was a good day. At last, I got my appointment through for UCLH (I was meant to be going to Great Ormond Street, but they sent me there instead). It was pretty good, amazing infact. The hospital is 16 floors high and is the first thing you see when you walk out of the tube station.

We had to get up at half past 5 and go to pick up my Auntie Pat, as she was coming with us. We got on the 7 o’clock train straight into London. I officially hate commuting. Like, I love going on trains but not paying £115, standing up the whole way and being freezing most of the way.

We arrived at about 9am so we had an hour to kill. Breakfast please. Our appointment was at 10 so we had plenty of time to get there.

Nothing really happened, I just had to tell the doctor all about me and then had 20 (well, 16 or 17 – no joke) blood tests for all different things.

I can’t wait to go there again! Have a good Easter holiday! 😀

Day 3

Wow! How amazing has today been?

I saw Avatar today!! My Dad woke me up whenever and told me he was off to work for an hour and that I had to get ready and stuff so I slept in for a bit then got up. I watched last week’s Gadget Show and then got ready. Dad cleaned the house and washed up.

We left at half 11 and went round my dad’s friends house to pick him and my friend up. We got to the cinema at about 12 which was good because then we could choose a good seat. We sat quite near the front with lots of leg room.

The film started at 12:30 and I loved it so much! I really want to go and see it again.

After the film (it finished at 4-ish) we went and ate at Frankie & Benny’s. I had Chicken Strips then a Chicken Pizza. Don’t forget the Brownies and Ice Cream! 😛

Then we dropped our friends back and came back home :) Today has been brilliant. Oh, and I like popcorn. Lmao.

Day 2

I’m sitting on my bed at the moment.

I was at my mums all day and my dad came and picked me up at about half 4. He’d had a phone call from the hospital saying that I had to go up for platelets :( They were only at 12!! (my cut-off point is 8 but they don’t last that long in the blood, anyway) At least I’m all topped up now ready to go and see Avatar tomorrow 😀

It sounds like a really good film from what I’ve heard. I’ll make sure I take some pictures tomorrow and put them on here.

I got this new notebook a while ago now and haven’t had any use for it. But I’m gunna use it to write blogs and my thoughts in :)

I’ve just got to take some medicine then I can go to bed. I’ll go and do that now.

I’ve taken my medicine so I guess I’ll go to bed now. I’m really quite tired to be honest. Been quite a busy day. Need to get in a good sleep for tomorrow! 😀 Night night :)