Treatment Day 8

You’d never think one person could sleep so much… i’ve been so tired! Today’s going good… I am now not on any drips and am not bleeding!! Woo hoo :) I have to take about 6 medicines then. I think they are

Sodium Bicarbonate Capsules (3)
Acetzolymide (sp?? 2or3) for my head
Steroids (a few tablets but nice and small :))
Potassium liquid :( I HATE THAT! It tastes eeeww!! :(
Some other anti-biotic liquid – bleh too! :(

4 times a day I have to take that but i’m really good at tablets. I’m fed up of the air con in this room… it gets really cold sometimes! I have been eating like a fat pig, i’ve just got about my 4th burger today. I’d better go before it gets cold! 😛 cya xxxxx

Treatment Days 1/7

Heya, i’ve started my treatment and i’ve had all of the ups and downs. On Monday we went came up here at Addenbrooke’s but they said they weren’t expecting us until Tuesday :O. We had to stay in the playroom most of the day until they figured out we were ment to be here. C2 moved the ward upstairs for a few weeks and it was horrible up there, i’m so glad to be back on the normal ward now, although I am Barrier nursed. :( Stuck in here 24/7… My steroids started on Wednesday and ATG tuesday – i’ve had my 5 days of that now! I just have to take a lot of tablets but i’m finally really good at it. I was really sick on Thursday and a few sicky days but nothing too bad really as such, not what we expected (better in fact!) Last night I was bleeding and bleeding from my mouth, I was asleep hardly ever… :( We’ve been wetting our selves at Gavin and Stacey, we absoloutley love it… it’s great!!! 😛 :) Bye bye bye xxxxx

My last day at home

Oh, today’s not been great! :( I haven’t felt too great. When I woke up I had a bit of a temperature and a headache. I’ve just been lying in bed most of the day and watching TV. I did watch the next DVD of the top gear set that 7RF got me. I watched loads of Britain’s got more talent which I am loving!! 😀 can’t wait for the first set of lives tonight!! I saw my good friend vicki earlier, she came with some lovely stuff her husband, Mick, who is in Iraq got me. I love it all! I just want tommorow to get here, the road to recovery is just beginning! xxxxxMy pillow from Mick in Iraq!My pillow from Mick in Iraq!


Hello… dracula here! Well, thats how I looked when I woke up yesterday morning. I woke up at about 8 and I had blood all around my mouth. My gums had bled in the night, good thing I was going in for platelets today! I had the worst bacon sandwich ever for breakfast, in bed… like usual! Then we left Auntie Pat’s at 9 for our long voyage. We went home first because I needed my phone charger and we stayed there for a while. Then we had to go to the supermarket to get some bits and some new pyjamas and then to boring old Colchester Hospital :(. I had to have 2 bags of blood, 3 hours each (!) and then platelets, another half an hour… but I feel much better now! I was really upset in the morning because my hickman line was itching like crazy! I hated the horrible food they had on offer, :(! We did have mcdonalds before we headed home, to bed! We were sitting at the drive thru at 5 to 10 last night! 13 hours we were gone… BORING! I slept for 12 hours so that made up for it! See you. xxxx

Good day!

Hey. Today’s been a good day! I’m still at my Auntie Pat’s who is looking after me very well like always xxxxx. When I got up I was tired as anything… like usual! So Auntie Pat made me breakfast in bed (Yum!) Then we had the same old procedure, get up go home to see the community nurses for bloods and back to Leigh-on-Sea where Auntie Pat lives. Talking about that… today’s results:

HB (red blood) 10.5
Platelets 12

I ? Britains Got Talent!!
I ? Britain’s Got Talent!!

So definately a transfusion tommorow! Were going to go straight to Colchester Hospital tommorow instead of home. Today we found out i’m going to start my long stay at Addenbrooke’s on Monday. I’ll have steroids on Monday and treatment on Tuesday. I cant wait to get better! :) I can’t wait for Britain’s Got Talent, I missed it last week but it looks good! What else have I done today? Not much really… I went to A&E with Uncle John to get his hand sorted out, I bet my auntie Pat is sick of hospitals now! :) I had a tuna sandwich for lunch 😉 Tasty! Britain’s Got More Talent is funny!

HAHAHA! I’m watching last weeks Britain’s Got More Talent and that man who was singing with the vocals in the backing music made me pee my pants! 😛 lol I’m gunna go now so I can watch more TV. See ya xxxx

Day with mum

My first day at Philip Morant! :p
My first day at Philip Morant! :p

Well, today’s going great so far and I hope it stays that way! I was so tired this morning but I had my breakfast and all I wanted to do was go out. So my auntie & uncle bought me home to see Dad because he wants Uncle john to go to B&Q with him. I got yesterdays blood results, they were…

HB (red cells) Same as day before… 12.5

So I think I might need a transfusion on Friday. I’m with my mum at the moment, watching TV! I love seeing mum… x Yesterday I watched top gear special edition on dvd (thanks 7RF – especially Matt, Connor & Ben! miss you guys.?)

Top Gear DVD. 7RF xxxx
Top Gear DVD. 7RF?xxxx

I just want my treatment over and done with… hurry up monday! See you xxxxx

Still at home!

Hi. Today’s been a good day, so fa

Me & Jo (my sis) xxxxx
Me & Jo (my sis) xxxxx

r! I got up and had breakfast then went back to bed. Then, I had to go from my Auntie’s to my house because the community nurses were coming to see me to take some more blood just to check i’m OK. I had one of my favourite’s (dont ask why…) for lunch today… Salmon on toast! It was so tasty :) And at least I haven’t got to worry now about having my medicine until 9pm. It’s horrible, 1 tastes like chalk and one tastes like salt water :( Not cool. My dad isn’t very well today so he had the day off work, I wasn’t allowed to go near him when I went home incase I caught whatevers wrong with him! :( Oh well, Lets just hope I stay well for Monday or Tuesday so I can go to Addenbrooke’s for my treatment. Let’s keep our fingers crossed I stay well for the rest of the day. :) xxxxx

At home

What a quick day! Today I have had a lazy day at home. It’s far better than being in hospital! First, the community nurses came to see me at home to take some blood out of my hickman line and then I went to the supermarket with my Auntie Pat. I just am so glad to be eating good food aswell, the food at Colchester hospital is bleh! My Auntie got another 5 fish so now she has 15 in her pond… we can start to see them for the first time ever! My blood test today was 12 for blood (so maybe a transfusion in a few days :( ) and platelets 40-something. Nite nite xxxx